Latin Wedding Symbols: What Do TheyMean?

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Latin Wedding Symbols: What Do TheyMean?

Every lifestyle has its own unique traditions and characters when it comes to ceremonies. Latin America, which is home to a wide range of communities with various accents and biographies, is where this is particularly real. However, there is one thing that unites Latinos: a passion of big celebrations! And incorporating some of these distinctive Spanish wedding mark meanings can be the ideal way to share a little bit of your heritage with your guests at weddings. These are some of the most adored elements that you include a touch of Spanish panache to your big day, from presenting the arras ceremony to delivering the hope lantern.

The wedding presents his bride with 13 silver currencies during the Arras Ceremony, the number of which represents Jesus and his 12 disciples. The groom asks his wife to embrace the items as her own and uses them as a symbol of his commitment to provide for his forthcoming family and their home.

The couple is moreover lassoed by their padrinos or madrinas—people who are tight to them and play a specific responsibility in their lives—along with the thread known as the sagrado. This signifies the couple’s current union and the fact that they will always be up.

Couples use handcrafted mugs made of glossy coconuts for the toasts, which is another distinctive feature. This represents cohesion and a shared cultural foundation. Additionally, it serves as a reminder to value one another and to appreciate the rewards and difficulties of living up.

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