Certification in Integrative Critical Care for Ayush Professionals

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Scientific Basic principles of critical care

Relevant Anatomy of airway for critical care00:24:16
Basic Principles of airway management00:28:40
Principles of Oxygen Delivery00:19:46
Acute Respiratory Failure00:29:39
Understanding and management of shock00:31:40
Assessment of Fluid reassessitation – Part 100:17:19
Assessment of Fluid re-assessitation – Part 200:17:05
Assessment of coma – Part 100:15:56
Assessment of coma – Part 200:15:38
Principles of Prevention & management of Acute kidney injury00:20:15

Respiratory disorders in critical care

Airway Management

Ventilatory Management

Cardiac disorders in Critical care

Neurology Disorders

Abdominal Disorders in Critical care

Management of trauma & Poisoning

Management of infectious disease

About This Course

Course Advisor

Dr. Shivaprasad


Key Features

System wise modules - 09
Assignment at the end of each module
Then clear the final assessment examination - Theory & Practical
Total duration of the course usually takes one year, can be completed at your own pace within a year
Submit three months working internship certificate from critical care department
Then receive Final Certificate.


  • 1. Eligibility
    BAMS Practitioners. In case of any doubt/controversy regarding the eligibility, you can reach us at info@raymediinernational.com.
  • 2. Are the programs accredited?
    Yes all our programs are accredited by the American Council of Training and Development.
  • 3. How to get a Certification in Integrative Critical Care for Ayush Professionals from Raymedi International?
    You need to enroll directly for Course. Submit the required documents, credentials will be shared by our technical team.
  • 4. How to access the course material online?
    To access the course, visit our website www.raymediinternational.com, click on the register button and fill-up the form and attach all the necessary documents. Once registered, log in using the login ID and password provided to you. You will be seeing a dashboard page that in turn routes you to the selected course module.
  • 5. What to do if I'm unable to access the course after registration?
    In case you have a problem accessing the course page, please write to us at info@raymediinternational.com. Our support team will assist you within 24 hours.
  • 6. Is it a self-phased Learning Program?
    Yes, it is. Since all the study materials are available online 24 /7, you can complete the course module anytime at your own phase. But since the whole duration of the course is 1 year, You have to finish the module within the said duration (i.e 1 year).In case you need an extension please contact our support team @info@raymediinternational.com.
  • 7. How long does my access to the course last?
    You will have access to the program for 1-year duration.In case you need any extension please write to us @info@raymediinternational.com.
  • 8. Do we get contact classes with the integrated course program?
    Yes we do offer contact classes for most of our programs and in turn, provide an opportunity to connect with subject experts and clarify your doubts.
  • 9. How do we assess the candidate?
    There will be a self-assessment at the end of each module which will be recorded. There will be a final assessment examination after the completion of all the modules. The final assessment will be done in 2 parts at your convenient date.1)Theory- which includes assessment of a candidate online MCQ based. 2) Practical-Case based.
  • 10. Can more than one person access the course with a single license?
    No. When you register for the program, you will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions which state that the license purchased will be applicable for single person use only.
  • 11. Is this course recognized by MCI or any other U.S government bodies?
    No. The Medical Council of India does not recognize or endorse any courses that are offered online. Raymedi International has been directly accredited by the American Council of Training and Development and affiliated with the International Board of Medicine and surgery. With the collaboration and association of dedicated medical professionals who have proven expertise and experience, we have created a world-class digital infrastructure to train critical care aspirants.
  • 12. Can Organization purchase multiple access /licenses for students or staff?
    Yes. Organizations can purchase bulk licenses/access with good discounts. For this, you have to contact us at info@raymediinternational.com.

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