Respiratory critical care

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Oxygen Delivery00:00:00
Acute Respiratory Failure – Determinants of Oxygenation and Ventilation00:00:00
Respiratory Acid Base Disorder00:00:00
ABG Analysis – Clinical Application00:00:00
ABG Metabolic Disorders00:00:00
ABG Respiratory Disorders00:00:00
Basics of Respiratory Mechanics Part 1 (Parameters set by operator)00:00:00
Basics of Respiratory Mechanics Part 2 ( Ventilatory derived Parameter)00:00:00
Non Invasive Ventilation – 200:00:00
Non Invasive Ventilation – 100:00:00
Evidence based medicine for NIV00:00:00
Invasive Ventilation00:00:00
Ventilatory Graphics00:00:00
General Care of Ventilatory patient00:00:00
Post-Extubation Stridor00:00:00
Inhaled Bronchodilator Therapy in Mechanically Ventilated Patients00:00:00
Understanding of heat-lung interaction00:00:00
Diagnosis and management of Asthma in Adults00:00:00
Understanding ventilator induced lung injury[VILI]00:00:00
ARDS ventilation00:00:00
COPD ventilation00:00:00
Ventilating patients with TBI00:00:00
Difficult Weaning – Part 100:00:00
Difficult Weaning – Part 200:00:00
Severe Community Associated Pneumonia00:00:00
Ventilator Associated Pneumonia00:00:00
Acute Pulmonary Embolism00:00:00
Heart Lung interaction00:00:00
Application of Lung Ultrasound in Critical Care – Part 100:00:00
Nosocomial Pneumonia – Part 100:00:00
Nosocomial Pneumonia – Part 200:00:00
Nosocomial Pneumonia – Part 300:00:00

About This Course

This course introduces students to the science of business analytics while casting a keen eye toward the artful use of numbers found in the digital space. we will measure and identify satisfied customers to adjust product or service accordingly.

To measure the customer satisfaction we will measure expectations, performance and disconfirmation of the offered product or service.

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