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After MBBS Course, many doctors, though good in theoretically, lack the practical knowledge necessary for early diagnosis and intervention, this results in decreased confidence on their part and those around them. Hence they need a good bedside clinical knowledge.

I’ve been in the medical field for over 2 decades, which includes a decade of critical care practice. Throughout my 10 years in Critical Care, I’ve attended a numerous conferences and seminars as a delegate, a facilitator, a moderator and also as a teacher. In these scientific events, it’s been my keen observation that there is a decreased interest among the attendees to learn and sharpen their knowledge. Mostly the emphasis lies upon the current trend and scientific evidence and the basics are conveniently omitted. These events though are being conducted frequently, it only provides more of a theoretical prospective. However the course like this is primarily, practical oriented, with major emphasis being laid on the ‘Basics’, formulated to sharpen the bedside knowledge of the critical care practitioners, and  undertaken more frequently on a regular basis.

My fellow professionals, who are interested to increase their bedside knowledge in the ICUs, have been requesting me to conduct a crash course on critical care practice. But because of my increasing professional commitments, I’ve not been able to do so up until now. So I feel it’s time now to give back what I’ve learnt, share my experiences and teach what I know. In addition, the nursing staffs need to acquire and better their clinical knowledge. Quite often, their basic skillsets are found to be deficient and also they need guidance to prepare themselves form the examination point of view. The paramedics could also derive tremendous benefit from this course.

This course intends to focus on early recognition, immediate intervention, leading improved patient, culmination in good treatment outcomes. Software applications and audiovisual aids will be used. Doctors are always in a state of tension in ICUs and need to be stress free. Finally, there should be no compromise whatsoever in patient care.

Dr. Raghunath. Aladakatti
Consultant Intensivist and Course Director

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